Summon the Killminister

by Ferrous Oxide



It's toxins versus poisons
in the great barrage of human effluence
as a world that's held its breath too long
staggers monstrously
rampant betrayal crawls on the faces of those yet to die
garbage trampling refuse disordered lies
hollowed all acts of faith, all exercise of will
at the hour appointed, we must administer the kill
yeah, administer the kill
you're past the pale
(slow the centuries turning, grinding
down to one point of entry)
Summon the lightning to cauterize the sight
Summon the thunderbolt to break apart the bonds of life
Summon the silence of a consciousness made void
and the quick shall lie still
when we administer the kill
yeah, apportioned killing
feel me deep, tightening in your throat
the end has begun, it's over it's done


released November 30, 2014



all rights reserved


Ferrous Oxide Salem, Massachusetts

Metal from Universe Land

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