Storm Theater

by Ferrous Oxide



released April 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Ferrous Oxide Salem, Massachusetts

Metal from Universe Land

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Track Name: Storm Theater
Stormbells cry out a warning,
deformed in the haze of macabre revelry
trapped in the charade,
you and me we've played the fools
I don't suggest we stop now
safe in the wreckage of our own designs
we can see them now--the gathering clouds
feels like the final day
so go on, light all the candles
I'll be watching the scene below
strange power descending on the circus of souls
people all blinded by passions as the danger appears
electric and damp the air, conducting the fear
(the lightning strikes so near)
and as the curtain's raised
we watch the rising waves
by orders of disorder
flood warnings, overheard but unconfirmed
the wind cries, seeps inside, makes the fire squirm
all roads are closed as the circus starts to boil
like ragged dolls they tumble, clutching,
running from the lifelines as they fall
outside your window
hear the screams
for now has come the rain
(the final day
a functional eternity
do you believe?)
we'll come down sometime before the dawn
with all that raging glory still coming on strong
all we need is to know
that the center will hold