Livin' On the Edge of Christmas

by Ferrous Oxide



released December 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Ferrous Oxide Salem, Massachusetts

Metal from Universe Land

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Track Name: The Edge of Christmas
pale blue December shining on the edge of night
we're riding out to see the houses all done up in lights
we've worked so hard all day with Christmas on our minds

I hope you saved up your good cheer
we only do this once a year

one night to see those lights together
driving hand in hand, it's dangerous in a standard
we're on the edge of Christmas baby

these jeweled streets ablaze with living winter dreams
familiar faces smiling weathered plastic figurines
the radio keeps playing joyful and sad songs

you know this feeling don't get old
hard to believe the world's so cold

come on baby, we're going for a ride
take a load off baby, cuz it's the Yuletide
we're going where we choose girl, festive and on the loose
we gotta see the angels hanging down on Hawthorne Avenue

Track Name: The Ghost of Christmas Black
Toothsome and bright, the night,
with desiccated billows rending phantoms from the window-frost,
leads you to ponder the fragility of life
and to remember
those outside who walk the ice
those who walk the ice
outside the circles of light

The table's cold and bare
and all the guests have long departed
you'll lie alone until the dawn
you feel the frailty alive in your bones, and mind
begging the question:
did you turn down the empty glass?
did you turn down the glass
for the loved ones long passed

(silent night, holy night
all is calm, all is bright)

So be careful on the ice, my friend
be careful on the ice
another turn around the sun
we've got no choice, we've gotta run
so, be careful on the ice my friend
be careful on the ice